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Get to Know Our Madison and Chilton Loan Officers

Madison John Schroder  NMLS #967896 Quick facts: Milwaukee native Raised in Wauwatosa and attended Tosa East Graduated from UW-Madison in 1991 with degrees in Finance and Real Estate Received his MBA from UW-Milwaukee in 2001 Has been in commercial and residential lending for over 20 years Two rounds with GMB: from 2003-2006 and 2012-now for a total of nine years Three words that describe John: Trustworthy, responsive, and hard-working How do you serve and build relationships with GMB clients? I try to give every client 100% of my attention when I am working with them. For clients looking to purchase a home, they have access to me 24/7 through text, email, and phone as they are out searching for homes…. Read the full article.

Get to Know Our Bayside Loan Officers

Cyndie Higgins NMLS #296545 Quick facts: Milwaukee native Worked with GMB as a teller from 1988-1997 Has been a Loan Officer with GMB since 2001 Three words that describe Cyndie: Positive, knowledgeable, and understanding. How do you serve and build relationships with GMB clients? Serving a client is not just giving them what they want, but helping them understand what they may need to accomplish their goal. In my role as a Loan Officer/CRA Officer, I work with Home Ready buyers, but those that may need additional help with things like credit repair and down payment assistance. When customers come to me that require a little TLC, I make sure they are given the tools to succeed. I also work… Read the full article.

Get to Know Our Brookfield Loan Officers

Melissa Zavadil NMLS #1008357 Quick facts: New Berlin native Current Wauwatosa resident UW-La Crosse grad with a degree in Business Finance Four years with GMB Three words that describe Melissa: Detailed, competitive, and personable. How do you serve and build relationships with GMB clients? I think it’s all about customer service and the ease of using GMB. Buying a home is the biggest purchase someone is going to make in their life which can be a scary thing. So, I do my best to be very responsive throughout the process. I want to make sure that all their questions are answered and their minds are at ease at the end of the day. On top of that, all of our… Read the full article.

Stuck in a Rental Rut: The Case for Homeownership

  Calling all renters! Stuck in the world of landlords and leases and looking for a way out? Or maybe you’ve enjoyed apartment living but it’s time to consider something more permanent? Whatever case of rental fever you have, we’ve got a cure! Here are just a few reasons why owning a home reaps more long-term benefits than renting: Make your space yours When you own a home, you have personal freedom with decor, improvements, pets, and more. You can paint over those yellow bathroom walls! You can redo the floors! You can have five dogs running around! You can store things in your basement or garage without having to pay extra, get permission from a landlord, or share space… Read the full article.

Wave “Hello!” to GMB Madison

  “Branching” out from the Greater Milwaukee area is our Madison Great Midwest Bank branch! Located just a short drive from the heart of our state’s capital, the Madison branch opened in 1979 with two Loan Officers and two tellers. Currently, the branch has three tellers and two Loan Officers: John Schroder and Katie Lindquist. The Madison branch has a great mix of personalities and quirks. A few team members love to bake, so there’s often delicious homemade treats at the office. The Madison GMB team enjoys cooking so much that every few months, they have a branch cook-off where each team member brings in a special lunch dish for a friendly office competition! The Madison team is also passionate… Read the full article.

VIDEO | Mortgage Loans at the Push of a Button

Mortgages today can feel like they take forever from the time you press “Enter” on your application to when things actually start happening. Put an end to the long wait with Great Midwest Bank. Our mortgage loan process consists of our expert local Loan Officers asking all the necessary questions up front to ensure there are no waits, no surprises, and no stress from application to closing. Before you push that button on a generic mortgage application, call GMB. We’ll help you find your perfectly personalized home mortgage loan option.     MORTGAGE  |  HOME EQUITY  |  DEPOSIT  |  CD AND IRA

Greetings from GMB Hartland

  Just a quick half hour drive from Milwaukee on I 94-W, you will find the Great Midwest Bank Hartland branch. This location opened in 1974, at which time it was made up of three GMB employees. Currently, Hartland is home base for seven employees, including Loan Officers Matt Gaulke and Dawn Chavez. Our Hartland team is known for being helpful, dependable, and organized. Many of their employees have been with Great Midwest Bank a very long time. In fact, they have seen their customers and their customers’ families through three generations!   At Great Midwest Bank, our portfolio product is one of a kind. We use “common sense” underwriting to look at each customer’s situation on a case-by-case basis…. Read the full article.

Say “Hi” to GMB Bayside

  The Bayside branch of Great Midwest Bank opened in 1975 with four employees. It has increased to include five of our GMB co-workers, including Loan Officers Mark Scaduto and Cyndie Higgins for all of your home buying, building, refinancing, and renovating needs. The Bayside branch, not unlike our other locations, thrives on customer service. The entire team loves going above and beyond for their community. Our Loan Officers and tellers go all out to ensure everyone is receiving the best service possible. One of their favorite customer service stories is about a local, long time customer who expresses how much she loves coming to this GMB branch because our Bayside co-workers look out for her well-being. They hold the… Read the full article.

Welcome to GMB Brookfield

  The Brookfield branch, which is the flagship location of Great Midwest Bank, opened in 1974. It started out with about 40 employees and now, over four decades later, it proudly employs 54 team members! Whether you are looking to renovate, build, refinance, or buy a home, Loan Officers Bob Domach, Melissa Zavadil, and Ginny Myszewski are on site and at your service! As our main – and largest – location, Brookfield is also the location our executive team is based, but you won’t find them hiding in their offices. Our leadership team loves walking around, interacting with their coworkers, problem-solving, and assisting coworkers and customers whenever they can. Besides running into our executive team, you might also run into… Read the full article.

A Lesson in Multitasking: Buying and Selling Your Home

No matter how many times you have done it, home buying can be stressful. Home selling, whether it is your first or fifth time, is another complex process. Doing both at the same time? Spoiler alert: it’s not always smooth sailing! For starters, it can be tough to line up your home sale and home purchase to happen on the exact same day. A few questions this can bring up: Will you need a temporary place for you and your belongings? Will you have to pay for (and do you qualify for?) two mortgages at once? Do you need your sale proceeds to use as your purchase down payment? When it comes to buying and selling at the same time, an… Read the full article.