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Category Archives: Celebrate Local

Why Community Banking Matters

Great Midwest Bank takes considerable pride in being a family-run, community-owned bank. Now more than ever, we understand what our customers and communities are going through so we’d like to take this time explain why community banking matters. At community banks like Great Midwest Bank, decisions are made based on the specific needs of you, our customer. Community banking means we’re not driven by fees and answering to stakeholders. At the end of the day, what’s in your best interest is most often what’s in ours. Having a great relationship with our customers is only one of the many benefits of choosing to bank with a community bank. Great Midwest Bank loves spreading the word about community banking. In fact,… Read the full article.

Only Your Local Bank…

While we take this season to celebrate local, we also invite you to take a look at the difference a local bank can make for you and your finances. Great Midwest Bank is a Wisconsin bank. So when you think about it everyone on the GMB team, from the bank tellers to our president, are Wisconsin residents. We live and work in the same place as you. We understand where you are coming from. You shop local, why not bank local? From the boutiques in Milwaukee’s Third Ward to the farmer’s market around the capital, Wisconsinites love to shop local. Our state is full of local businesses that have unmatched service and top quality products. Why? Because these businesses are… Read the full article.

Celebrate Local with Great Midwest Bank

Around here, we take a lot of pride in being local. But what does that really mean? Is it enough to have 9 branches around Wisconsin? Does being local mean you promote local news and events? For us, there is much more to being local than that. It’s about celebrating all the things that make Wisconsin such a great place to call home. Those are the things that only true Wisconsinites know. Wisconsin is more than just a state. Wisconsin is where we live, work, and raise families. It’s where we enjoy the world’s best beer and cheese. It’s a place where roll out the barrel and jump around are sacred songs. The people here know the joy of melting… Read the full article.