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Financial Planning

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Category Archives: Home Equity

Small Remodeling Tips that Pay Big Returns

Over the past few years many of us have spent more time in our homes than we could have ever imagined when we first purchased the place. Perhaps you had to adapt your home to become your workspace, too. Or maybe you picked up a new hobby that requires space in your home. Regardless of the catalyst or inspiration, chances are you have a “wish list” of remodeling projects you’d love to have completed. Getting started on those projects can be daunting, though. Do you ever watch those remodeling shows on television? Thanks to TV magic they make massive remodel projects look like they are completed in days, or sometimes even hours. To do those projects in reality, well, it… Read the full article.

Guide to financing your home renovations

You’ve made your house a home over the years. It holds lots of memories, and you wouldn’t dream of moving out. However, maybe your family has grown or they need more room to pursue the new hobbies and passions they discovered during the pandemic of 2020. Doesn’t a larger kitchen sound appetizing? Or how about turning your basement into the rec room you’ve always wanted? Or maybe there are multiple smaller projects you’d like to tackle to give your home a fresh makeover and to meet your family’s changing needs. Whatever home improvements you’re thinking about making, a home renovation loan can be just the solution you need.  Remember, your home is an investment. When you make improvements like updating… Read the full article.

Home equity loan vs. line of credit?
Here’s what you need to know

A home equity loan and home equity line of credit both give you the option to borrow against the value of your home. Applying for these loans is common and usually is a smart way to pull out cash when you need it. Let’s go over what the terms mean and the differences between a home equity loan and line of credit and whether they’re the right fit for you. If you’ve built up equity in your home (when your home is worth more than the balance on your mortgage), it’s reasonable for you to use a part of that value for home improvement projects, education expenses or to pay for unexpected costs. Two popular options available to you are… Read the full article.