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Category Archives: Renovation Journey

Guide to Home Construction Loans

Building your own home is an incredibly rewarding experience. Hard hat on, you’re in the driver’s seat of the concrete mixer, ready to pour the foundation for your new home. Well, metaphorically speaking. YOU determine the overall design and layout, personal flair like unique lighting choices, and maybe a zen garden out back. Because that’s your thing, and this is your dream home. While your new home is picture-perfect and finished in your head, the actual home construction may pose challenging moments. Will this be finished on schedule? Those weren’t the windows we chose, were they? But most importantly—how are we going to pay for it all? So, let’s break ground by learning how home construction loans work and how… Read the full article.

Home Renovation Projects: DIY or bring in an expert?

Lots of people get the home improvement urge at some point. You may have just moved into a new place and already have grand visions for how to make it your own. Or maybe you’ve lived in your home for a long time. The kids moved out, and you want to adjust the house to fit your new lifestyle. Home renovation projects can range from simple aesthetic adjustments to complex transformations. They’re not all created equal in terms of cost, required skills, and time investment. Some projects could feasibly be DIYed in a weekend. Other projects are complicated and might be best left to a professional contractor. We’ll go over different considerations of home renovation projects so you can decide… Read the full article.

Five FAQs about Renovation and Home Construction Loans

Great Midwest Bank has been Wisconsin’s Simply Local home mortgage loan lender since 1935. Throughout the last eight decades, we’ve perfected our personalized, common sense lending approach to products and services for the communities we serve. The expansive knowledge of our experienced loan officers makes them a great resource for those looking to buy, build, renovate or refinance. With customized options for home mortgage loans, home construction loans, renovation loans, and more, they’ve been around the block a time or two, and know the ins-and-outs of all things lending. Home construction loans have increased in popularity in recent years. We’ve also witnessed an increase in major home improvement projects that require financing: home additions, backyard upgrades, and kitchen and bathroom… Read the full article.

Final Tips for a Successful Home Renovation

Here at Great Midwest Bank, we’re dedicated to alleviating stress during our clients’ home renovation experiences. We believe in a common-sense, personalized lending approach. With over 80 years of banking knowledge under our belts, we’ve seen our fair share of home remodels, renovations and constructions, and our loan officers know that there’s more that goes into renovating a home than just the financials. That’s why we also provide helpful remodel tips and tricks to pull off your Renovation Journey without a hitch! Here are five tips to make your home renovation a success: Plan ahead and plan realistically Set yourself up for success before your Renovation Journey even gets underway by taking the time to strategically plan out the steps… Read the full article.

For Hire: Renovation Journey Expert!

  Now that you have made it through the planning process, you’re ready to kick off demo and get those renovations underway! If you missed our Renovation Journey – Planning blog, check it out here. Now it’s time to hire the right contractor, which can be a make-or-break for your renovation. Your loan submission often requires a contract, plans and specifications, depending on the scope of your renovations.  Below are some helpful tips to guide you through the process so it feels less like blind dating and more like a healthy commitment. Speed dating, sort of. Finding the one perfect contractor begins with sorting through your options. Word of mouth (ask your Loan Officer!) and even Facebook can be particularly… Read the full article.

Maximizing Your Home Renovation Budget for Every Room

If your home is in need of a little TLC, a renovation, big or small, may be just what you need! When you open yourself up to the idea of a home renovation, you’re ultimately opening up your home to the limitless possibilities a renovation can bring: spacious or more efficient bathrooms, functional living space, thoughtful kitchen design and more! As you begin to prioritize projects for your upcoming home renovation, it’s important to consider behind-the-scenes home renovation financing. At Great Midwest Bank, we’re focused on providing stress-free home renovation loans to our customers, and offering helpful tips along the way. Our knowledgeable loan officers have assisted with a number of home renovations in recent years (sorry, we won’t swing… Read the full article.

How to Plan a Successful Renovation Journey

  The best way to kick off your Renovation Journey or home construction is to plan it! Sounds obvious, right? One of the most common things we hear from friends, family, and customers that have taken on renovations in the past is that they went over their budget due to unexpected obstacles and unforeseen costs. We’re here with some helpful tips to take out any of the guesswork that comes with setting your Renovation Journey budget so you can plan for success. Apply for a pre-approval A renovation loan, like any other loan, should start with a pre-approval. The online pre-approval is simple and can take as little as 20 minutes. If you would rather have the help of a… Read the full article.

Applying to Finance Your Renovation Journey

Applying for a pre-approval is equally as important for a major renovation loan or home construction loan as it is for any other mortgage loan. When you start your Renovation Journey by applying for a major renovation loan or construction loan with Great Midwest Bank, you get the expertise of our Loan Officers as well as the seasoned practices of a bank that has been helping local Wisconsin homeowners just like you since 1935. We have established strong connections with local contractors and builders and can help connect you with the right professionals for your renovation or construction. With our common sense lending philosophy, we take the time to thoroughly analyze every application we receive, not just look to see… Read the full article.

Get Ready to Start Your Renovation Journey

Welcome to the start of your Renovation Journey! If you’re reading this, you may have some interest in making a change to your current home, buying a fixer-upper, or building an entirely new home. In any case, you have come to the right place. At Great Midwest Bank, we offer common sense lending to ensure you get the perfect personalized loan to help you along the Renovation Journey (or Construction Detour, if your renovation is a hefty one!).  A major renovation is a major commitment. It takes careful planning and a little bit of time, but it also pays off big time in the end. We are committed to helping you through the entire process, from start to finish, to… Read the full article.