Five Back-to-School Savings Tips

save money back-to-school

It’s that time of the year again – back-to-school season! With it comes a shopping list. No question you’ll spend good money to get your kids ready for their big first day – but you don’t have to spend a fortune. Here are five tips to keep the budget in check.

Set a game plan
Get organized before you head out the door. Check out the supplies list from the school, develop your own list, and set a budget. Open up the closet and take stock of what clothes your kids will need. Knowing exactly what you need and exactly how much you want to spend will prevent extra expenditures and impulse buys.

Shop at home
No, we aren’t talking about online… just yet. Look around your home for unused or forgotten supplies like pens, binders, stacks of loose-leaf, etc. You’d be surprised how many extra supplies are lying around the house that can help you reduce your shopping list.

Shop online
We don’t have to tell you about the convenience of shopping online. You’ll be able to find almost everything you need from online retailers like or Look out for sales and compare prices – the best deal might just be online. But we’ve also heard that online stores are slowly increasing prices, so a local store may still be your best bet. Makes for a fun summer outing too!

Think for the Future
If you can swing it, start buying supplies for next year. There’s no doubt you’ll come across an amazing deal on one or two particular items. Sales change from year to year, but you’ll still need the supplies. Capitalize on great prices and reap the benefits next year.

Get the Kids Involved
Shopping for clothes can be hectic, so let your kids take the reins. Set a budget and give them a list of the basic items to get. It’s a great opportunity to teach your kids budgeting while taking a little of the shopping pressure off of yourself.

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