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Melissa Zavadil

NMLS #1008357

Quick facts:

  • New Berlin native
  • Current Wauwatosa resident
  • UW-La Crosse grad with a degree in Business Finance
  • Four years with GMB

Three words that describe Melissa: Detailed, competitive, and personable.

How do you serve and build relationships with GMB clients? I think it’s all about customer service and the ease of using GMB. Buying a home is the biggest purchase someone is going to make in their life which can be a scary thing. So, I do my best to be very responsive throughout the process. I want to make sure that all their questions are answered and their minds are at ease at the end of the day. On top of that, all of our departments (underwriting, processing, and closing) work as a team which makes the process very smooth. In the end, people appreciate how easy we make the home buying/refinancing process. After closing, I often hear the phrase, “That’s it?!” which I take as a big compliment!

Showing GMB some love: I like the culture at Great Midwest Bank. I love that fact that it is a family run business and definitely feels local. You know everyone you work with, and we have easy access to our President and Vice Presidents here if we need to discuss a file. In addition, I like that they invest and believe in their employees. When I first started this job, I knew nothing about the mortgage business. But, I was mentored and encouraged from the very beginning and that’s a huge part of why I am still here today.

Great Memories: My favorite memories are the outings we do together – Brewers games, Badgers games, Lake Geneva, etc. It’s fun to hang out with my co-workers outside of the typical work setting.

Loan Officer life: What I enjoy most about being a Loan Officer is definitely the people. You deal with all different types of personalities and every loan is different. So, in a sense, every day is different. I also like problem solving to try and find the best product/solution for my customers. And, it’s really rewarding when those first time homebuyers sincerely “thank you” multiple times.

Success! Working at a bank that uses “common sense” lending, there were quite a few deals that I was able to close quickly after a different lender came to them in the 10th hour and said they couldn’t do it. These customers came to me very panicked and worried. So, it felt really great to tell them we could make it happen – they were beyond grateful!


Simply Melissa

Hobbies: You cn find me spending time with friends and family or binge watching Netflix. And, of course like any Wisconsinite, I love watching the Badgers and Packers! I also enjoy working out/running. Well…it’s really a love-hate relationship. I have done two half-marathons and a few 3Ks. My goal is to eventually run a full marathon (very soon I hope). My boyfriend and I love trying new restaurants in the area. We also like trying different types of craft beers, since there are way too many to choose from now!

Fun fact: I’m a triplet! All girls, all with “M” names.

Bucket list: Go to Europe or Australia – or both! Also, I can’t forget the full marathon I mentioned above.

Favorite community spot: Living in Tosa, I have a lot of favorite spots. But, right now my go-to places nearby would be Juniper 61, Blues Egg, and BKC Story Hill. I love a good brunch!


Bob Domach

NMLS #418530

Quick facts:

  • Milwaukee native
  • Graduated from St. Norbert College in De Pere, WI
  • Banking professional for over 20 years
  • Two years with GMB

Three words that describe Bob: Honest, hard-working, and humble.

How do you serve and build relationships with GMB clients? In my life, I don’t like bad surprises or bad experiences. So in turn I want to give my customers great customer service with no surprises. I do this by being available to answer questions through proactive communication. This in turn will eliminate any surprises and provide a smooth and easy experience for the customer.

Showing GMB some love: I love working at Great Midwest Bank because of the access to the decision-makers. This allows me to provide great customer service. Personally, I like working here because they are very honest. If they tell you something, you can take it to the bank! LOL.  

Loan Officer life: The mortgage industry has changed over the years and I love helping the people navigate through all of the twists and turns involved with the loan process. I love seeing the customer walk out the door after a closing with a big smile on their face.

Success! One of my favorite success stories just happened. Over the years I have done several loans for a mom and dad and their kids, and I just recently closed a loan for their grandson. So I have help three generations of a family with home financing!


Simply Bob

Community involvement: I am a basketball coach so that allows me to mentor kids and be involved in my community.

Hobbies: Coaching basketball and working out

Fun fact: I sleep walk!

Bucket list: Go to Rome or meet Tony Bennett, the basketball coach at Virginia (not the singer!)

Favorite community spot: The area is full of great parks. I love exploring the many outdoor spaces in the area.



Ginny Myszewski

NMLS #762386

Quick facts:

  • Milwaukee native
  • Graduated from UW-Whitewater with a BS in Business
  • Has been in lending for 11 years and in the real estate field/lending/title for 27 years
  • Joined GMB in January 2017

Three words that describe Ginny: Friendly, confident, and committed to helping others.

How do you serve and build relationships with GMB clients? I build relationships with my clients by taking time to walk them through the entire process. I am best at building those connections and being a resource with a build. Many clients have told me they really appreciated my expertise in new construction lending because it made the process easier dealing with someone that could explain everything in a way that made sense to them.

Showing GMB some love: I love the personal service I can provide and the local, common-sense approach Great Midwest Bank brings to the table. I really enjoy helping my clients get through the build process and by truly specializing in construction lending I am able to help people through a sometimes complicated process with ease and expertise. Many of my clients are now my friends!

Success! I have had many success stories in my professional life, on a daily basis.  Helping someone reach their dream of building a home is a great feeling. I have had many difficult scenarios from customers who want to buy or build a home, and when you are able to guide a client through that process to achieve their dream, that is a success.  


Simply Ginny

Community involvement: I have done a lot of volunteering with Divine Savior Holy Angels Parent Association, their Soccer program, and their Mentor program.

Hobbies: I like to garden and cook/bake.

Fun fact: Few people know that I love to do interior decorating, I have helped many of my friends and family. I really enjoy that!

Favorite community spot: I don’t have a favorite, but I love living in Elm Grove for all of the things here: the parks, the schools, and the community in general.


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