Meet our Bayshore loan officer, Brenda Brown

NMLS #378631

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Quick Facts:

  • Milwaukee native
  • Married for 30 years with two adult sons
  • Has 20+ years of experience in the lending environment
  • New to GMB in 2018

Three words that describe Brenda: Friendly, honest, and great at building relationships

Explain how you serve clients and build the client relationship as a Great Midwest Bank loan officer: I will continue to serve clients as I have historically in banking. I take pride in my reputation in the community for providing excellent customer service and product knowledge. Listening skills, along with respect and humility are a great combination for helping customers achieve their goal.

Showing GMB some love: I received such a warm welcome from everyone here! Being a family-run business is why I really decided to work here.  Developing and nurturing a professional relationship with Great Midwest Bank over the years is how the path led to me joining. I will appreciate the team support from the departments: Processing, Underwriting, Management. My new colleagues will again help me love being a loan officer as I bring new business into the bank.

Simply Brenda

Community Involvement: Volunteering is what I have always done and I love it! Currently, I am actively serving at my church, Christ the King Baptist, on the Hospitality Committee.  I can be found welcoming visitors into our church with a smile. I was voted the Chairperson for Johnsons Park Neighborhood Association in 2018. I really enjoy working to strengthen our neighborhood relationships. I have served on various other boards over the years.

Favorite quote: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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