Meet our Brookfield loan officer, Ginny Myszewski

NMLS #762386

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Quick facts:

  • Milwaukee native
  • Graduated from UW-Whitewater with a BS in Business
  • Has been in lending for 11 years and in the real estate field/lending/title for 27 years
  • Joined GMB in January 2017

Three words that describe Ginny: Friendly, confident, and committed to helping others.

How do you serve and build relationships with GMB clients? I build relationships with my clients by taking the time to walk them through the entire process. I am best at building those connections and being a resource with a build. Many clients have told me they really appreciated my expertise in new construction lending because it made the process easier dealing with someone that could explain everything in a way that made sense to them.

Showing GMB some love: I love the personal service I can provide and the local, common-sense approach Great Midwest Bank brings to the table. I really enjoy helping my clients get through the build process and by truly specializing in construction lending I am able to help people through a sometimes complicated process with ease and expertise. Many of my clients are now my friends!

Success! I have had many success stories in my professional life, on a daily basis.  Helping someone reach their dream of building a home is a great feeling. I have had many difficult scenarios from customers who want to buy or build a home, and when you are able to guide a client through that process to achieve their dream, that is a success.

Simply Ginny

Community involvement: I have done a lot of volunteering with Divine Savior Holy Angels Parent Association, their Soccer program, and their Mentor program.

Hobbies: I like to garden and cook/bake.

Fun fact: Few people know that I love to do interior decorating, I have helped many of my friends and family. I really enjoy that!

Favorite community spot: I don’t have a favorite, but I love living in Elm Grove for all of the things here: the parks, the schools, and the community in general.

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