Meet our Brookfield loan officer, John Hugo

NMLS #707767

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Quick facts:

  • Oshkosh native
  • Graduated from UW-Oshkosh with majors in Political Science and History
  • Mortgage loan officer for 25 years
  • Three years with GMB

Three words that describe John: Honest, knowledgeable, and available.

How do you serve and build relationships with GMB clients? I let all my customers know I am always accessible on my cell, seven days a week. I like explaining how we distinguish ourselves from our competitors. For example, getting an appraisal and having it approved the next day, without conditions. Other banks say they service their loans but it is often out of state. We service local and answer the phone when you call.

Showing GMB some love: After 25 years in the mortgage business, I know what you need to be successful. GMB has it all: portfolio loans; local, fast, “common sense” underwriting; local servicing; competitive rates; and quality people throughout.

Loan Officer life: Helping people finance a home is satisfying. Whether it is their first home or fifth, it can be a long process that I enjoy navigating with the customer, which I can tell they appreciate.

Success! Helping a buyer finance a home after they have been turned down elsewhere is always my favorite success. Recently, a condo buyer was turned down twice for different reasons over a 60-day period, when the listing agent suggested he call GMB. We used the prior appraisal and closed in two weeks. Even I am amazed at how efficient we are sometimes!

Simply John

Hobbies: Working out. I still play basketball and tennis.

Favorite community spot: The dog park.

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