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Cyndie Higgins

NMLS #296545

Quick facts:

  • Milwaukee native
  • Worked with GMB as a teller from 1988-1997
  • Has been a Loan Officer with GMB since 2001

Three words that describe Cyndie: Positive, knowledgeable, and understanding.

How do you serve and build relationships with GMB clients? Serving a client is not just giving them what they want, but helping them understand what they may need to accomplish their goal. In my role as a Loan Officer/CRA Officer, I work with Home Ready buyers, but those that may need additional help with things like credit repair and down payment assistance. When customers come to me that require a little TLC, I make sure they are given the tools to succeed. I also work with Special Programs; for example, the City of Milwaukee Foreclosure/Rehab Purchases and GMB’s Home Improvement Special. Those programs have some specific requirements; customers should call me with their questions if they would like to know more!

Showing GMB some love: What I like most about Great Midwest Bank is their ability to understand that customers are not numbers but people with various needs and concerns.  In my opinion, this is in part due to the fact that GMB is a family-held community bank that has never lost touch with the human condition.

Loan Officer life: I like being a Loan Officer because it gives me endless opportunities to help people realize their dream of home ownership.  

Success! My successes are not my accomplishments alone. My customers are responsible for my success. I can only suggest a course of action, it is up to them to do the work and make the effort to succeed. Purchasing a home is hard work. The down payment assistance and other programs I am able to suggest to my customers are not handouts.

Great memories: My favorite memories from the time I have spent at GMB are my co-workers. Everyone I interact with at every branch is my work family. It has been a blessing to come to work every day. I love my job and get to share my day with people I truly consider family.


Simply Cyndie

Community involvement: My role at Great Midwest Bank involves membership in several community-based organizations that hold events both after work and on the weekends. They include Home Improvement Fairs and Home Buyer Education Seminars.

Hobbies: I enjoy visiting the Horicon Marsh and walking its many trails. I also enjoy working on my house that was built in 1912.

Fun fact: I enjoy creating color schemes in rooms and painting them.

Bucket list: Traveling is my bucket list; anywhere and everywhere!

Favorite community spot: My favorite place in my community is the Horicon Marsh for outdoor fun and Ginger’s for great food.



Mark Scaduto

NMLS #723392

Quick facts:

  • Born in Milwaukee
  • Grew up in Sussex
  • Attended Whitewater College for two years for general business
  • Has been in the banking/finance industry for 34 years
  • Mortgage lending for 26 years
  • Almost two years with GMB

Three words that describe Mark: Calm, loyal, and respectful.

How do you serve and build relationships with GMB clients? I try to always be accessible, return calls immediately, and pay strict attention to details.

Showing GMB some love: The philosophy of common sense lending and keeping things simple. Great staff in every area and management that makes themselves available to open dialogue.

Loan Officer life: I love helping customers that are making a major decision of purchasing a home and trying to make it an enjoyable, stress-free experience.

Success! Helping a customer save their home from a foreclosure through a creative financing option.

Great memories: The initial interview at GMB because I realized there are still people in banking and management that understand a “common sense” approach to lending!


Simply Mark

Community involvement: I am an usher at St. Gabriel parish in Hubertus and am involved in other parish events.

Hobbies: Anything with family and friends, and biking and running.

Fun fact: I have run two marathons and want to learn to play the piano someday.

Bucket list: Finish visiting all the baseball stadiums with my family. 17 down, 13 to go!

Favorite community spot: Holy Hill.


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