Greetings from GMB Hartland

great midwest bank hartland lbranch


Just a quick half hour drive from Milwaukee on I 94-W, you will find the Great Midwest Bank Hartland branch. This location opened in 1974, at which time it was made up of three GMB employees. Currently, Hartland is home base for seven employees, including Loan Officers Matt Gaulke and Dawn Chavez.

Our Hartland team is known for being helpful, dependable, and organized. Many of their employees have been with Great Midwest Bank a very long time. In fact, they have seen their customers and their customers’ families through three generations!


At Great Midwest Bank, our portfolio product is one of a kind. We use “common sense” underwriting to look at each customer’s situation on a case-by-case basis.

Our GMB Hartland team was able to help a couple move into their dream home by being creative with our underwriting. One of the borrowers had just started their own business after being a W-2 employee for the last 15 years. The new job was in the same line of work and we were able to document early success and cash flow in the first year, allowing us to consider some of this income.

Because these customers were trying to build their new home while living in their current home, our team was also able to take some of that equity through a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). This HELOC, along with some additional savings that they had, allowed us to get to a 20% down payment.

Their excellent credit history gave us the ability to use our “common sense” to determine if our borrowers were able to be approved and move forward on the construction of their new home.

The customers were thankful and extremely happy that Great Midwest Bank was willing to look outside the box and find a way to approve their unique situation.


Going above and beyond for each and every one of our unique customers: that’s the GMB difference!

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