How to save money on your energy bill and still stay warm

Great Midwest Bank Energy Saving Tips

We are big fans of fall here in Wisconsin. The changing leaves, the crisp and (mostly) sunny weather, and, of course, football season.

However, we also know what is coming right around the corner, our guest that always overstays its welcome: winter.

The bitter cold weather, tough driving conditions, ice covered cars, slippery sidewalks, and snow (lots and lots of snow) can take a toll on Wisconsinites, and winter can also take a toll on your home heating bills. We’re here with some simple tips you can start putting to action now to prepare your home for winter and make your home more efficient in the cold weather, so you can lower your energy bill!

Buy a smart thermostat. These have been around for a while now, they’re time tested and getting smarter every year. Entry level wifi-enabled units start at about $100 with easy-to-control schedules that turn down the heat at night and warm up in time so that you’re not freezing when you hop into that morning shower. For about $250, the very popular Nest brand thermostat is learning-enabled and can be setup to adjust to your schedule. It senses motions so can also set itself to economy mode when you’re away. Bonus: turn down the heat or air conditioning from your bed!

Seal leaks and add insulation if possible. We are no stranger to these ideas here in the Midwest, but a little reminder never hurts!

Be strategic with your curtains. Open the curtains of your south-facing windows during the day to allow as much sunlight as possible to add some natural heat to your home. Close all your curtains at night to reduce drafts from the windows!

Conserve water. Almost 20% of your home’s energy use comes from heating water. To make this simple, just try taking shorter showers and remember to turn the water off while you are brushing your teeth! You’ll save money on your energy bill and help preserve our environment, so it’s a double whammy!

Insulate your water heater, or consider updating. Add an insulation blanket to that water heater, though newer models may not warrant a blanket. If you’re in need of an upgrade, know that the new heater will cost you more. Government regulations changed in 2015, so new models are more efficient, but also more costly.

Cook at home. You will save money by not going out to eat, and it will help add some heat to your home!

Humidify your air. Air from the furnace is dry and heat does not stay in the air as long in dry air.

If you have a fireplace, close the damper. Most dampers let in a draft, even when they are closed, so you should consider a plug or flue pillow.

Invest in energy efficient LED holiday lights. Simple as that!


Or, if you’re ready for a home that doesn’t have those pesky drafts, call one of our local loan officers about our common sense mortgage loan options!


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