Say “Hi” to GMB Bayside

gmb bayside branch highlight


The Bayside branch of Great Midwest Bank opened in 1975 with four employees. It has increased to include five of our GMB co-workers, including Loan Officers Mark Scaduto and Cyndie Higgins for all of your home buying, building, refinancing, and renovating needs.

The Bayside branch, not unlike our other locations, thrives on customer service. The entire team loves going above and beyond for their community.

Our Loan Officers and tellers go all out to ensure everyone is receiving the best service possible. One of their favorite customer service stories is about a local, long time customer who expresses how much she loves coming to this GMB branch because our Bayside co-workers look out for her well-being. They hold the door open for her and make sure she can get around safely with her walker, and they show this same genuine care for everyone that comes through their door. Once customers are in the lobby, they get to enjoy great free coffee, cookies on Fridays, and holiday themed candy when that time of year comes around!

If people aren’t coming through the front door, but rather are talking to our tellers through our drive-up window, the whole car gets to experience our excellent customer service. We even keep dog treats nearby for any pooch passengers to enjoy while their human stops at GMB! Our tellers are personal bankers and are knowledgeable in every part of the banking experience, so you never have to wait for them to find someone else to answer your tough questions.

No matter what banking or housing needs you may have, our Bayside branch is full of kind and caring community members ready and willing to make your experience simply great!

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