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Supporting Garding Against Cancer through Simply Giving Program

Close up of a basketball with the Garding Against Cancer logo

Key Takeaways

• Great Midwest Bank to donate $4200 to Garding Against Cancer

• Garding Against Cancer has raised more $4.8 million to date

• Funds raised are used to further research and provide compassionate care for cancer patients in Wisconsin

As one of our Simply Giving initiatives, Great Midwest Bank is proud and privileged to partner with Garding Against Cancer Foundation again during the Wisconsin Men’s Basketball 2020-2021 season. As a fun and exciting way to support the organization, we endeavor to make each Badgers point worth a little more. 

Great Midwest Bank is donating $2 for every point scored in the regular season, conference tournament, and in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Tournament. And the Badgers did not disappoint scoring this season. They racked up 2099 points!

Great Midwest Banks is pleased to announce we will be making a donation to Garding Against Cancer in the amount of $4,200.

Garding Against Cancer at the Kohl Center May 6, 2017. (Photo © Andy Manis)

Coach Gard and his wife Michelle started the Garding Against Cancer initiative to raise awareness and money for cancer research and help those affected by cancer across Wisconsin.

Since December 2016, Garding Against Cancer has raised more than $4.8 million for cancer research and patient care across Wisconsin. That’s outstanding!

Incredible progress is being made in the fight against cancer. From breakthroughs in research to advancements in patient care, funds raised are going toward furthering research and providing compassionate patient care right here in Wisconsin.

Here are some of the ways donations to Garding Against Cancer are making an impact:

Better Together: Statewide Tumor Board Unites Cancer Research and Treatment

With funding from Garding Against Cancer and tumor samples generously donated by patients to UW Carbone’s Precision Medicine Molecular Tumor Board, Dr. Dusty Deming and colleagues are moving toward just that in colon, pancreas and other cancers.

Predicting Breast Cancer Through Machine Learning Techniques

With funding from Garding Against Cancer and a UW2020 grant, Elizabeth Burnside, MD, and her team are combining complex sets of genetic information with machine learning techniques to more precisely identify risk factors and improve early detection of breast cancer.

New Microscope Helps Researchers Better See Changes Inside Cancer Cells

A $50,000 supporting contribution from Garding Against Cancer helped UW-Madison scientists land a $1.3M grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to acquire a new, state-of-the-art electron microscope to peer deep into cancer cells.

Rapidly Advancing Cancer Immunotherapy

Zach Morris: Immunotherapies are revolutionizing cancer treatment, but they only work in around 15-20% of patients. To improve effects in cancers where immunotherapies tend to work poorly, such as brain cancers or neuroblastoma, Dr. Zach Morris is using Garding funds to build off of what his group has already found to be successful in immunotherapy and looking for ways to boost the immune system even more.

Garding Against Cancer Helps Cancer Patients in the Oshkosh Area

Funding cancer patient care and treatments in the Oshkosh community.

Garding Against Cancer Helps Wausau Area Cancer Patients

Funding cancer patient care and treatments in the Wausau community.

You can learn more about Garding Against Cancer at gardingagainstcancer.org.