Wave “Hello!” to GMB Madison

great midwest bank madison branch


“Branching” out from the Greater Milwaukee area is our Madison Great Midwest Bank branch! Located just a short drive from the heart of our state’s capital, the Madison branch opened in 1979 with two Loan Officers and two tellers. Currently, the branch has three tellers and two Loan Officers: John Schroder and Katie Lindquist.

The Madison branch has a great mix of personalities and quirks. A few team members love to bake, so there’s often delicious homemade treats at the office. The Madison GMB team enjoys cooking so much that every few months, they have a branch cook-off where each team member brings in a special lunch dish for a friendly office competition!

The Madison team is also passionate about Wisconsin sports (and sports in general)! Any time there is a good game on, it will be on in the lobby for any waiting customers to enjoy.

Customer service is at the forefront of the Madison team’s priorities, and they go out of their way to ensure their customers feel comfortable with GMB. In fact, one of their long-time customers comes in for a cup of coffee and a quiet place to read the newspaper. This customer was looking forward to making his final mortgage payment and when the day finally came, to thank him for his patronage and to celebrate, they brought him a “Congratulations!” cake and had a sparkling juice toast!

The Madison Great Midwest Bank crew works hard to be responsive, informative, and accurate. Their focus is on building long-term relationships with customers who trust and value their experience with us. Whether walking in or calling in, they do everything they can to make customers feel at home when they are with GMB.

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