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Construction Tips to Make Your Dream Home a Reality

June 20, 2017 By: Great Midwest Bank

Building a new home can seem intimidating. It’s a process that calls for an entire team to help you plan, build, and finance your project. However, with proper preparation and guidance, soon you’ll be walking through your beautiful, brand-new front door!

Hire local

Not sure where to start? Look right in front of you: your community! Local builders, local designers, and local lenders often take a more personalized approach. When it comes to one of the biggest investments of your life, you should interview several professionals and choose the ones you feel you can trust. With local builders and designers, you can scout examples of their work quality in person. Having a local lender, your Construction Loan will be managed by a loan officer who knows (and lives in!) your housing market.

Build for the future

When planning a build, it is essential to look at life down the road. You can’t predict the future, but you can take into account whether you foresee a first (or third) child. Family size impacts the number of bedrooms, baths, play spaces, and more. Maybe you envision hosting large get-togethers or family holidays? If so, put some thought into guest accommodations and entertaining areas. Bringing these possibilities to the forefront will save you later from wishing you had added more… or built less!

Don’t follow fads

Home trends come and go. You should build a place that fits your unique style but also has well-thought-out features to stand the test of time. Consider traditional, neutral colors for flooring, walls, bathrooms, and kitchen details. Other safe bets: a sensible floorplan, practical storage areas, and classic-looking exterior and interior features. Years later, you might just thank yourself for avoiding that “hot home trend of the moment.”

When you’re ready to start planning your dream build, give us a call. We offer a hassle-free, local Construction Loan and can help connect you with the right team of contractors and designers to bring your dream to life.

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