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If you’re finding it difficult to secure a Home Mortgage Loan, our team offers flexible solutions that might help. Including a Portfolio Loan option.


Learn More About Portfolio Loans

What is a Portfolio Loan?

For some borrowers, their financial profile may make it challenging to secure financing for a home mortgage. Here are some advantages of a Portfolio Loan:

  • Flexible underwriting because we use our own funds to finance the loan
  • Lower down payments for some borrowers
  • An excellent alternative to Federal Housing Administration (FHA) financing in many cases

What are the advantages of a Portfolio Loan?

There are a number of reasons why a particular borrower might not fit into the typical conventional “box”. At Great Midwest Bank, we take the time to look at your whole financial picture and take a common-sense approach to a lending decision.

The most significant benefit to a portfolio loan is flexibility in the qualifying criteria. A Portfolio Loan from Great Midwest Bank may allow you to get financing that would be otherwise unavailable to you.

Let’s see if you qualify for a Portfolio Loan.

Portfolio Loans are meant to help borrowers in situations that fall outside of the typical qualifying standards to become homeowners:

• Self-employed borrowers
• Lower credit scores
• Judgements, liens, or tax issues
• Investors without traditional conventional financing options

Discuss Portfolio Loans with a Helpful Loan Officer

Few know the Wisconsin housing market like us, because we are Wisconsin homeowners too. Great Midwest Bank offers competitive mortgage rates and local mortgage financing so you never have to wonder who is dealing with your mortgage loan. Talk with a loan officer today and see if a Portfolio Loan from Great Midwest Bank can help you secure financing for your next home mortgage.

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How can I apply for a Portfolio Loan?

Let us help you find the perfect financing fit for your situation. Visit one of our nearby branch locations or give your local loan officer a call to discuss applying for a Portfolio Loan.

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