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Only Your Local Bank…

July 1, 2022 By: Great Midwest Bank
Great Midwest Bank loan officer John Hugo sits across from two first-time homebuyers while reviewing paperwork at a table.

At Great Midwest Bank, we keep it Simply Local. The GMB team — from the bank tellers, to our loan officers, to our president — are Wisconsin residents. We live and work in the same places as you and understand where you are coming from — because we’re from there too!

A friendly Wisconsinite behind the counter at our branch locations is only the beginning, though! There are lots of things local banks like Great Midwest Bank can do for you that bigger banks cannot. Let’s take a look at the difference a local community bank can make for you and your finances.

Investment in our Community

At Great Midwest Bank, we aren’t just your local bank. We’re your friends, neighbors and family. We understand what matters to you and we care.

As a community bank, we set our own policies. Those policies, the lending decisions we make, and how our staff treats customers directly impacts the community. You invest with us and we’re invested with you and your community. We believe in creating a personalized experience and fostering a strong working relationship with our customers.

Our loan officers understand that the process of securing a loan can be intimidating, especially when it comes to securing a Home Mortgage Loan. When you are looking to finance a home, nothing compares to the expert knowledge of a local bank.

Supporting the Local Economy and Its People

As Wisconsinites ourselves, we know keeping money in the state means something to our customers. It matters to us too. Keeping dollars local by banking at a community bank helps Wisconsin’s economy thrive. It’s simple, straightforward banking with no strings attached, just like our Simply Local Checking and mobile banking.

GMB also believes building strong communities requires investment. That’s why we have loan officers dedicated to assisting those working their way up to owning a home by connecting them with the resources they need.

Our CRA loan officers follow Community Reinvestment Act guidelines to ensure Home Mortgage Loans are accessible in low- and moderate-income communities. CRA Loan Officers place focus on making sure everyone is treated fairly when pursuing a Home Mortgage Loan. Our staff carefully reviews loan application decisions to verify that there is no housing discrimination or racial disparities in lending.

Local Housing Know-How

We know there is a lot to consider when buying a house — especially when it is your first time. That’s why we work to provide first-time homebuyers with the right tools and resources to ensure a smooth home-buying process. The loan officers at Great Midwest Bank will work with you to set you up for success and address any uncertainties you may have. Ask away: there are no silly questions!

Our mortgage team knows the local housing market better than national banks do because we are all locals who live in the area. Since our branches serve smaller regions, we can closely hone in on the needs of the community and offer custom-fit products and services. At Great Midwest Bank, Simply Local means local decision-making.

Common Sense Lending

Have you heard Great Midwest Bank use the term “common sense lending” before? We confess: it’s one of our favorites. What does it mean, though?

At Great Midwest Bank, we pride ourselves on using a “common sense” approach by looking beyond just the standard lending criteria. Instead, we explore every customer’s unique financial portrait. Our loan officers evaluate more than just your credit score and income history, taking the time to understand your specific situation. We review all applications by hand to ensure we’re doing right by you — our customers.

Providing Flexible Options

Since we have the ability to keep loans in-house, we don’t need to follow the cookie-cutter approach that bigger banks do. That also means we can offer flexible options like Portfolio Loans to qualified borrowers.

A Portfolio Loan is a home loan that stays in Great Midwest Bank’s investment portfolio for the full term of the loan. Great Midwest Bank does not sell the loan or the servicing (monthly payment collection) to another bank or organization. We take care of it all ourselves, right here in Wisconsin.

Many banks do not offer Portfolio Loans or don’t generally broadcast them, as these loans can be a bit riskier for the bank than other loans. We openly discuss Portfolio Loans as an option for qualifying customers because it is a key part of our common sense approach. Not all customers will qualify for a Portfolio Loan, but our loan officers will make sure to explore every loan option for you.

Learn the basics about Great Midwest Bank’s Portfolio Loans.

All the Fixings

A common misconception is that community banks don’t offer the same array of services and options as those of other banks. Let’s bust that myth.

GMB gives customers all the benefits of a local bank while providing the full range of tools and offerings they have come to expect. With us, you can choose from a variety of checking account and savings account options or even set up a CD or IRA.

At Great Midwest Bank we are happy to offer an extensive set of flexible home loan options. Beyond Home Mortgage Loans, we offer Mortgage Refinances, New Home Construction Loans and Home Renovation Loans — just to name a few! Not only do we offer all these options, but we’ll work with you to make sure you’re getting the very best fit for your particular lending needs.

Digital Banking Options

In addition to our banking options and expert service, we offer online banking and mobile banking to make your experience easy and convenient. Make transactions from the comfort of home on your computer, or anywhere via your mobile phone. Banking has never been easier!

Our loan process is digital-friendly and designed to save you time and stress. You can apply online for a loan in about 20 minutes. When you’re approaching closing day, you will be able to sign the bulk of the documentation online, making for a speedy closing appointment. We don’t think you’ll miss sitting through an hour-plus closing!

Ready to apply for a home loan? Apply online today!

Hassle-free Banking Experience

GMB has everything the big banks have and more. We keep your hard-earned money local and we care about our local community. Plain and simple!

Our staff makes it a point to give you a personalized experience and ease your mind. There is a technical term for that: Bankquilty. It’s the sense of tranquility you feel when you realize that this is how banking was meant to be all along — easy and worry-free.

Ready to Experience the Local Banking Difference?

If you’re ready to start the process of securing a loan or have any questions, we would love to chat. Contact us today to get started with your simply local bank: Great Midwest Bank. Head over to one of our nearby locations or call one of our friendly local loan officers for more information. Our local loan officers at Great Midwest Bank know what it takes to help find the best loan product for your needs. We’re your neighbors, after all! We work to make the loan process as stress-free as possible. Experience a state of Bankquility by working with Great Midwest Bank today!

A version of this article was originally published in February 2016. It was last updated in June 2022.

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