Simple DIY Ideas to Freshen Up Your Home

easy diy kitchen remodel milwaukee, wi


Small home improvements can have a big impact! Whether you’re getting ready to sell or just want to enjoy an updated space, here are some simple and creative ideas to freshen up your home this spring.

To make the biggest impact on the look and feel of any room, simply paint the walls. A new wall color creates a whole new atmosphere, and sticking with solid, neutral, lighter colors makes a space feel larger. Bonus: if and when you sell, lighter neutral tones will appeal to more buyers!

Another easy way to enhance a space is to replace old light fixtures. Update hanging lights and wall sconces to bring a new energy to your dining room, foyer, kitchen, and bathrooms.

Now that you’ve made your home feel more open and modern, it’s time to tackle your storage areas. Add built-in shelving, storage cubes, and drawer units to places like closets, pantries, and the garage. Smart space-savers can be inexpensive and easy to install. Better storage keeps the clutter out of your life and makes a difference to potential home buyers viewing your property.

When you’re done maximizing storage, consider freshening up your kitchen with a new backsplash. If it’s blank wall space above your counters, try wood beadboard, wallpaper, or tile sheets for a cost-effective DIY project. If there is a backsplash but it’s outdated, look into more modern replacement options. If your budget allows for it, consider updating your microwave, dishwasher, stove/oven, or fridge. New appliances can be a smart investment, and you get to enjoy them on a daily basis!

Finish your kitchen update by replacing old drawer knobs and cabinet handles for a stylish new look. To make the switch easy, use hardware with the same number of screws and same screw sizes to avoid extra drilling or fitting. Why stop at the kitchen? Replace knobs and hardware on bathroom drawers, doors, bedroom dressers, and other furniture. This subtle yet impactful change can liven up a whole house!

Let’s not forget the outside of your home. You can majorly boost curb appeal with some simple landscaping efforts. Your yard is the first thing you see when you pull up to your house, and if you’re going to sell, it’s the first thing buyers will see. Keep grass cleanly mowed, weed the lawn and gardens, and plant brightly-colored perennials. Keep shrubs and trees neatly trimmed for a clean, elegant look. Line your sidewalk or walkway with solar-powered path lights for a welcoming feel as the sun goes down.

Finally, it’s time to take photos of your home looking its best! Snapping outside shots during spring or summer ensures you have bright, blue-skied images if you decide to list your home in the fall or winter months. Even without any plans to sell, documenting the journey to your creatively updated home is a fun way to celebrate your work. Plus, if and when you move on, you’ll have a self-created guide on how to update your next space!

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