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5 Tips for a Successful Home Mortgage Loan Closing

May 7, 2015 By: Great Midwest Bank

Make sure closing goes smoothly by following these five tips:

1. Consider scheduling your closing as soon as your offer to purchase is accepted.

Remember that most offers to purchase reflect an “on or before” closing date. With enough lead time and a cooperative seller, you may actually be able to consider moving the date up. Think about a date other than the end of the month or a Friday.  You’ll increase your chances of an extra-smooth process. Schedule time off from work as you’ll need to be there in person. Sellers often “pre-sign” ahead of closing.  Buyers almost always attend, though exceptions do exist.  We’re flexible on a closing location, so pick one of our offices or one of the real estate agents’ offices that works for you.

2. Have the funds for closing ready as soon as possible

Expect an email from us a few days in advance of closing with a final, exact dollar figure. You’ll need a cashier’s check from your bank or plan to wire transfer funds to us ahead of time.

3. Before signing on the dotted line, have your Real Estate agent schedule a time with the seller to do one final walk-through of the home.

You can double-check that the seller has followed through on necessary repairs and didn’t decide to give you a brand new graffiti-filled wall as a housewarming gift. And make sure all garbage and belongings are removed. We’ve heard plenty of stories about sellers leaving a garage full of “stuff.”

4. Do some wrist exercises…because you’re going to be signing a number of documents.

But because we maintain servicing of many of our mortgage products, there’s less here than at most other lenders.

5. Schedule accordingly.

Closing should last no more than an hour—often less. Because we manage our own closings, our funds are immediately available. So, no waiting after you sign like many other lenders.


The house is yours! Get your keys and move in!

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