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Banking Main Street, Not Wall Street

December 8, 2022 By: Great Midwest Bank

At Great Midwest Bank, we walk down Main Street instead of Wall Street. What exactly does that mean? We’re glad you asked!

Simply put, Main Street means we operate for you: our depositors. We put our customers above all else to provide exceptional service — because that’s the way banking should be.

In fact, we have been doing that since 1935! Great Midwest Bank first started in downtown Milwaukee on the corner of Jefferson and Wells. Over the past 85-plus years, we have expanded to eight branch locations around the greater Milwaukee area, Madison and Chilton.

So, what else do you get with Main Street banking? Let’s take a stroll together!

Local Service

“Main Street” banking means we service our loans locally and use local deposits to help fund those loans. When you have an account with Great Midwest Bank, you can feel good about how your money is being used. Your deposits go right back into your community, making it a better place for you, your children, your friends and your neighbors.

As a community bank, keeping money within the community is a big deal to us. Your community is our community too. Our staff members are all Wisconsinites as well and might even live in your neighborhood!

Simply Local, Simply Giving

The loan officers at our branches have huge hearts and actively take it upon themselves to make a difference in the community.

Our very own CRA loan officer Brenda Brown is guiding a neighborhood development project in her own Milwaukee neighborhood in Walnut Circle. She has been the lead loan officer for this initiative, and the project is bringing new life to the community. Our loan officers truly care about the local community; Brenda’s efforts are the perfect example of that in action.

Great Midwest Bank loan officers are also passionate about participating in our “Simply Giving” charity events that allow us to give back to our Wisconsin community. One event we regularly participate in as a sponsor is Block Build MKE. In 2022, our loan officers worked on repairing local houses in the Lindsay Heights neighborhood owned by senior citizens, veterans and individuals with disabilities.

Choose a Small and Personal Bank

Community banks like Great Midwest Bank are owned by people who live in the community the bank serves.

On the other hand, bigger shareholder-owned banks have more complicated ownership. They are owned by investors such as corporations. Since large banks tend to have a national reach, it is generally not feasible for those banks to have an in-depth understanding of every community they serve.

The fact that community banks are smaller and community-owned is our superpower. Walking into a Great Midwest Bank branch just feels different than a bigger bank. We get to know you by name and genuinely understand and care about your goals. We’re in touch with the local economy, happenings and community-specific needs in a way that Wall Street banks can’t be.

For more about what makes local banks different, read our blog,Only Your Local Bank…

Common Sense Lending = Options for You

Another reason Main Street banks like Great Midwest Bank are unique (and downright cool) is that we set our own policies and call our own shots. This allows us to be more flexible and offer more lending options than big banks.

We specialize in Home Mortgage Loans and we pride ourselves on our common sense lending practices. Common sense lending means that we explore your entire situation and financial picture in order to give you the best loan options for your needs.

We don’t have to go through a long chain of red tape when it comes to lending decisions. Our loan officers have the ability to offer flexible Portfolio Loans to qualifying individuals who may not fit the “box” of a conventional loan.

Here at Great Midwest Bank we take it one customer at a time. Your loan is customized just for you. Rest assured our team will do all we can to get you into — or back into — the home of your dreams.

Is a Portfolio Loan the right option for your needs? Read more about it.

The CRA Loan Officer Difference

At Great Midwest Bank we take Home Mortgage Loan accessibility seriously. And that means everywhere — not just certain communities. Everyone should be able to get to their dream of homeownership and we believe in providing resources to empower community members to achieve that.

We have CRA loan officers on our staff who are dedicated to adhering to Community Reinvestment Act guidelines. As part of that, CRA loan officers help ensure all people are treated with fairness and respect throughout the Home Mortgage Loan process.

These loan officers connect people who are working toward homeownership with resources to help get them to that goal — placing special focus on families in low- and moderate-income communities. At Great Midwest Bank we carefully review all loan application decisions to make sure that there are not any housing discrimination or racial disparities in lending.

Always Just Around the Block, Ready to Help

Although we’re in Wisconsin where every season is road construction season, Main Street is always accessible. Our common sense lending and out-of-the-box, personalized loans are meant to be straightforward and easy to secure.

It’s something we refer to as Bankquility. We know that big steps like securing a Home Mortgage Loan can be overwhelming, so we aim to put your mind at ease and provide a stress-free banking experience. Our friendly tellers and experienced loan officers at your local branch are always happy to help.

Although we are a small bank, we do everything we can to make your banking experience convenient and seamless. We’ve got all the banking tools and services you have come to expect from big banks — online and mobile banking, digital loan applications and a variety of banking and loan products. Access your account whenever you need to, wherever you are.

Ready to head to Main Street?

For your banking needs, consider going with your community bank — Great Midwest Bank! Whether you are looking to buy, build, renovate, refinance, or anything in between, contact one of our friendly and local loan officers today to find the perfect loan option for you. You can also visit our site to apply for a loan. From flexible loan options, to local service, to a friendly Wisconsite neighbor behind the counter, we’ve got it all right here. Experience a state of Bankquility when you bank with Great Midwest Bank on Main Street.

This article was originally published in November 2017. It was most recently edited in December 2022.

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