Banking Main Street, Not Wall Street


At Great Midwest Bank, we value Main Street over Wall Street. What exactly does that mean? We’re glad you asked!

Simply put, we operate for our depositors. And they are best served when we put our customers and colleagues above all else – just like we have been doing since 1935, when we first started in downtown Milwaukee on the corner of Jefferson and Wells. Over the past 82 years, we have expanded to nine branch locations around the greater Milwaukee area, Madison, and Chilton.

We service most of our loans locally and use local deposits to help fund those loans. That means when you have an account with Great Midwest Bank, you know exactly how that money is being used. Your deposits go right back into your community, making it a better place for you, your children, your friends, and your neighbors.

Our specialties lie in home mortgage loans and we pride ourselves on our common sense lending practices. One customer at a time is the message here, and Great Midwest Bank’s loans are personalized just for you, doing all we can to get you into – or back into – the home of your dreams.

And though it happens to be the holiday season now, our focus on Main Street isn’t seasonal at all. We practice what we preach with common sense lending and out-of-the-box, personalized loans all year round. Follow along with us on Facebook as we continue putting our community first throughout 2018 and beyond.


Whether you are looking to buy, build, renovate, or refinance, contact on of our local loan officers today to find the perfect loan option for you.

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