Final Tips for a Successful Renovation

We have shared a lot of tips over the last few months to help you navigate the Renovation Journey with common sense financing options. To round out your renovation, we’re here with a few more tips to get you through it without a hitch.

Plan realistically

Set yourself up for success before your Renovation Journey even gets underway by planning realistically. This is where our tips on planning will come in handy! Talk to your expert Great Midwest Bank loan officer about your home renovation financing options. We can help you plan a renovation that is within your budget.

Expect the unexpected

From experience, we know that there’s often bumps in the road when renovating. From unforeseen structural issues to design changes and more, understanding that things won’t always go as planned will help you stay cool, calm, and collected throughout your renovation.  And a financial cushion going into a project helps.

Write it all down

When those unexpected changes do occur, be sure to keep a log of all of the changes. Most importantly, this includes recording the price attached to each of the change orders necessary, and you should expect your contractor to document the change with a signature by both parties. It’s easy for a renovation budget to get out of control if you’re not regularly recording changes and reviewing them with your contractor.

Check in regularly

Check in with your contractor(s) regularly so you can stay on top of the changes that may have been made to your plans, budget, or design. Schedule these in advance, perhaps once every week or two.  That way, no extra expenses are missed in your renovation log.

Ask for help

Speaking of contractors – don’t be afraid to ask for help. Renovating your own home, while exhausting, can also be very exciting. However, if a task seems too daunting and you’re not 100% confident in the final outcome, reach out to a professional. A DIY gone wrong during a major home renovation can lead to structural and functional issues in the future, either costing you money to fix it later or less value on your home if/when it is time to sell.

Remodeling a home can seem intimidating, but our experts can help you navigate the winding road towards a successful major home renovation. Talk to a Great Midwest Bank loan officer today to start financing your own Renovation Journey.

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