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Garding Against Cancer

April 12, 2023 By: Great Midwest Bank
UW-Wisconsin Men's Basketball Head Coach Greg Gard stands next to Bucky Badger and wife Michelle in front of a red 'Garding Against Cancer' backdrop.

Garding Against Cancer at the Kohl Center May 6, 2017. (Photo © Andy Manis)

Key Takeaways

  • Great Midwest Bank is donating $4,568 to Garding Against Cancer in 2023
  • Garding Against Cancer has raised more $6.5 million to date
  • Funds raised are used to further research and provide compassionate care for cancer patients in Wisconsin

As one of our Simply Giving initiatives, Great Midwest Bank has partnered with the Garding Against Cancer Foundation since 2016. We were honored and proud to support the foundation again during the Wisconsin Men’s Basketball 2022-2023 season.

As a fun and exciting way to give to the organization, we shoot to make each Badgers point worth even more by making a donation for every point.

Great Midwest Bank donates $2 for each point the Badgers score in the regular season and post-season play. The Badgers dribbled up a total of 2,284 points this past season! We look forward to partnering with them again next season.

Great Midwest Bank is pleased to announce we will be making a donation to Garding Against Cancer in the amount of $4,568.

Coach Gard and his wife Michelle started the Garding Against Cancer initiative to raise awareness and money for cancer research and help those affected by cancer across Wisconsin.

Since December 2016, Garding Against Cancer has raised more than $6.5 million for cancer research and patient care across Wisconsin. That’s outstanding!

Incredible progress is being made in the fight against cancer. From breakthroughs in research to advancements in patient care, funds raised go toward furthering research and providing compassionate patient care right here in Wisconsin.

Here are some of the ways donations to Garding Against Cancer are making an impact:

UW Carbone Cancer Center

Garding Against Cancer continues to contribute funds to the UW Carbone Cancer Center in its cancer care and research efforts.

UW Carbone Cancer Center’s Innovation Fund helps support the development of new scientific innovations in diagnosing, treating and preventing cancer. This includes special focus on researching pediatric cancers, brain tumors and colon cancer.

Many patients in Wisconsin’s Jefferson and Rock counties have also been provided financial assistance and access to an exercise program and mammogram voucher program.
Garding Against Cancer funds have helped support these recent UW Carbone Cancer Center initiatives:

  • Ongoing case reviews that are conducted by UW Carbone’s Precision Medicine Molecular Tumor Board. The board examines genetic mutations in relation to patient cases and has studied over 5,500 cases since 2015.
  • A study of how the immune system responds to glioblastoma and potential applications of immunotherapy in treating the tumor
  • Clinical trials to explore new drug and treatment options for patients with breast cancer
  • Advances at UW Madison in researching immunotherapy applications for pediatric cancer

Cancer Health Disparities Initiative

Garding Against Cancer has also supported the Cancer Health Disparities Initiative (CHDI). CHDI works with underserved communities in Wisconsin to improve everyone’s access to cancer treatment, education and research.

Cancer Health Disparities Initiative specifically works to research cancer disparities among different communities. The organization also reaches out to African American, Hispanic, American Indian and other underserved communities to provide cancer education and awareness resources.

You can learn more about Garding Against Cancer at

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