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How Healthy Are Your Finances?

July 20, 2016 By: Great Midwest Bank

Are you making the right financial decisions? Do you know where to invest? Do you know how fast to pay off credit card debt or student loans? Are you saving for retirement? Will you ever qualify for a mortgage?

It’s perfectly okay to not have all the answers to your personal finance questions. Between credit card debt, student loans, and saving for retirement, it’s easy to think homeownership will never happen.

In reality, the journey to homeownership starts with a little knowledge and equal parts smart money decisions and frugal living. You can have your home, and live in it too!

We’re here to help you make smart money decisions on your way to becoming a homeowner. That’s why were excited to bring you four new blogs to help you on your journey to homeownership:

Save Smart

A brighter financial outlook starts with frugal living. Save Smart is much more than pinching pennies. This blog is all about smart ways to save money, outside of shopping in the clearance aisle. Find tips and tricks to save (smart) money in your everyday life.


Just like homeownership, retirement might seem like some kind of distant fantasy. Starting early, making smart choices, and taking advantage of compound interest are ways you can turn fantasy into reality. Explore tips and tricks for retirement, investing, and more.

Credit Sense

Credit cards, student loans, credit scores, debt to income ratios – credit and debt is a huge question mark for many people. Credit Sense will help you figure it out.

Home Intel

Homeownership is much more than securing your mortgage and moving in. Whether you are an experienced homeowner, first-timer, or working to get your first mortgage, chances are you will have some questions. Home Intel will cover everything you need to know about mortgage financing, life as a homeowner, and what you can do to add equity to your investment.

Check back with us for content from Save Smart, Retirement-Ready, Credit Sense, and Home Intel!