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How to Spot a Good Real Estate Agent

June 6, 2016 By: Great Midwest Bank

Selling or buying a home can be a stressful and confusing process – not to mention you’re also preparing for a move. Having an expert to help navigate the process can make all the difference in helping you stay sane – enter the real estate agent.

A real estate agent can help with various aspects of the home buying or selling process, but not all real estate agents are created equal. Furthermore, even the most experienced real estate agent might not be the best for your particular situation. It’s important to know what to look in your next real estate agent.

Relationships Matter

The relationship with your real estate agent is critical. If you don’t have a good feeling right off the bat – it probably won’t get any better. Your connection to your real estate agent should be built on trust. If you don’t feel the trust, move on to the next one.

Ask Questions

You have questions and your real estate agent should have answers. You’re not a seasoned home-buying or home-selling professional. Make sure you ask every question that comes to mind, even if it might seem like obvious. You should know all you can when making such a big purchase – a good real estate agent will be able to make sure you are up to speed.

Your Situation

Ask questions about your real estate agent’s experience in dealing with your type of property and with your neighborhood. Neighborhoods all come with their unique set of strengths, weaknesses, and types of property. If your agent does not have experience in your particular situation – look elsewhere.

Look at the Numbers

In addition to knowing your area and property type, your agent should have experience working in your price point. If you are selling your home, get multiple listing plans from real estate agents. That way you have an idea of what homes in your area are priced.

Are you ready to start your home buying journey? Searching for the right real estate agent is a good first step. Also consider filling out our online mortgage application. Having a pre-approval letter and a powerhouse real estate agent will both help your chances of securing the house of your dreams.

If you have more questions about the home buying or selling process, contact one of our friendly, local loan officers to review your options.