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#YourStory: Joel & Linda

November 17, 2015 By: Great Midwest Bank

Recently, Joel and Linda from Wauwatosa were introduced to us by a longtime real estate agent friend. Owners of several rental properties in Wauwatosa, they had approached their current lender to refinance at more favorable terms.

Despite nearly thirty years of timely payments, the bank had evidently moved on to bigger and better things. That’s where we stepped in to help.

What made us so different? According to Linda, it came down to five factors:

Personal Care

Throughout the process, their Loan Officer was “believable.” At Great Midwest, our Loan Officers can walk down the hallway or pick up the phone and get a straight answer from a decision maker.


At Great Midwest Bank we’re proud to offer our customers what Linda described as “superior business expertise”.  We understand that some borrowers present unique circumstances. We’ll take a team approach to custom-fit a solution.

The Extra Mile

Linda was appreciative that our Loan Officer offered a “road map” throughout the entire process – through appraisals, approval, payoff requests and closing, even going so far as closing at their home in Wauwatosa.

Custom Fit

The solution we offered wasn’t cookie-cutter, which is often all a big bank or mortgage broker can offer. Joel and Linda had recently retired and their needs had changed. We followed a basic business concept:  Understand your customer’s need and find a way to make it work. There’s still a place for that!

Mobile & Online Banking

Given the level of service we provided on their refinancing, they decided to move their checking accounts as well. Our Mobile & Online Banking features offer everything they need to bank remotely.

Started 80 years ago as Milwaukee was surviving the Great Depression, Great Midwest Bank’s family and community values haven’t changed. We’re still friendly, experienced and passionate about helping Wisconsin homeowners like Joel and Linda.

Want to learn more about Great Midwest Bank and our services or share #YourStory with us? Call (888) 485-4400 or visit us online at

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