DUCK 1: Apply | Get Your Ducks in a Row for a Mortgage Loan

Step 1 Apply for a Pre-approval


If you’re considering buying, building, or renovating, be sure to get your “Ducks in a Row” and start the process at Great Midwest Bank. We know the mortgage process may seem overwhelming, but it often boils down to a simple checklist and expertise. By choosing Great Midwest, consider yourself a Lucky Duck! We’ve been helping Wisconsin homeowners since 1935.

The first step towards getting a home mortgage loan is to complete a pre-approval application. Keep in mind that not all pre-approvals are created equally. We have found over time that Realtors and Builders really have come to appreciate local lenders. A pre-approval from Great Midwest Bank may be the one to tip the scales in your favor when you’re bidding on a house against other parties.

Again, whether you’re looking to buy, build, or renovate, pre-approval is a must. Having a price range or budget in mind is extremely helpful. Our Loan Officers understand the importance of making this simple and convenient but thorough enough to put your mind at ease when you head out to talk to a realtor, builder, or contractor.

You can complete your pre-approval application in as little as 20 minutes with our online application. You’ll hear back within a business day to confirm receipt and we’ll follow up with necessary questions and paperwork. If you prefer, you can also call or email one of our local loan officers who will take your application over the phone or arrange to meet in person – always a good idea if your time permits. Check out our handy Mortgage Application Checklist for a list of the things you should have on hand.


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