DUCK 4: Closing | Get Your Ducks in a Row for a Mortgage Loan

Most closings occur at one of our branch offices and require you to attend in person. About a week ahead of closing, you can expect a Closing Disclosure that provides you with final costs and funds required for closing. The Closing Disclosure compares the final figures to those provided in the original Loan Estimate so you can see what, if anything, has changed. 

Final funds for closing are usually provided to us in the form of a cashier’s check. If that’s inconvenient, we can also make arrangements to have the funds wired directly to Great Midwest Bank a day or two ahead of time.

Generally, borrowers find Closing Day far more simple than originally expected – one of the easiest steps in the process. The vast majority of closings occur in 45 minutes or less. Sellers often sign in advance which means even less time at the closing table. We’ll walk you through the meaning of all the documents you sign and offer options for payment that include automatic draft from an account of your choice. 


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