Applying to Finance Your Renovation Journey

Applying for a pre-approval is equally as important for a major renovation loan or home construction loan as it is for any other mortgage loan.

When you start your Renovation Journey by applying for a major renovation loan or construction loan with Great Midwest Bank, you get the expertise of our Loan Officers as well as the seasoned practices of a bank that has been helping local Wisconsin homeowners just like you since 1935. We have established strong connections with local contractors and builders and can help connect you with the right professionals for your renovation or construction.

With our common sense lending philosophy, we take the time to thoroughly analyze every application we receive, not just look to see if you check predetermined boxes. We are able to provide you with personalized loan products to help you start, navigate, and successfully complete your Renovation Journey.

Having a price range or budget in mind before you start a pre-approval is extremely helpful. Our Loan Officers can help talk you through the renovation or construction plans you have and ballpark what your project may cost. We understand the importance of making this part of the process simple and convenient but thorough enough to put your mind at ease when you head out to talk to a builder or contractor.

Not sure if you should refinance your current mortgage during your major renovation or home construction project? No problem – we can answer that for you too! Our Loan Officers do more than just help you start the pre-approval process; they also help determine the right loan type for the major renovation or home construction you have in mind. HELOC loans, major renovation loans, construction loans, adjustable vs. fixed rate loans – it can get confusing and overwhelming. To top it all off, you can even take the first step towards your Renovation Journey with our simple online mobile application. We’ll be there for you from the start of your Renovation Journey or home construction until the end!

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